New Zealand

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The Cycleboard Sport is our most popular model weighing in at only 16Kg.With great range and top speed of 27 Kmh,this board is the perfect vehicle for commuting and recreation

Included Features:

-2 color Options :

     -Carbon Black


-27 Km/h Top Speed

-15 degrees Hill Climb

-Range : 20 km

-Terrain: Street

-102 Kg recommend payload

-Drum Brake

-Deck Width : 21 cm

-Front Wheelbase Width : 51cm

-Overall length : 104 cm

-Weight 16kg(without battery)


The Cycleboard ELITE is our flagship street model capable of light offroad riding as well. This board is so smooth it feels like you are floating.With upgrades like rear suspension and a hinging deck for battery quick swap to eliminate down time for re-charging, your customers will be riding this board non-stop.

Included Features:

-2 Color Options:

     -Carbon Grey 


-35 Km/h Top Speed

-20 degrees Incline

-Range: 20 to 32 Km depending on Battery.

-5 Speed Modes

-Password protected

-Terrain : Street/Light off-road

-113 Kg recommended payload

-Rear Suspension

-Disk Brake

-Designed for baskets and trailers

-Reinforced stainless steal handle

-Deck Width : 21 cm

-Front wheel base : 51 cm

-Overhall lengh : 104 cm

-Weight : 21 Kg(without battery)

Elite Pro

The CycleBoard Elite Pro is an enhanced version of our popular Elite model.In addition to the features standard in the Elite model like the hinging deck for battery quick swap and high performance tires, the ELITE PRO has full suspension for an even smoother ride and an incredibly powerful 800W hub motor for ultimate experience in acceleration and hill climbing.

Included Features:

-Colour: Matte Black/Stealth

-40 Km/h Top Speed

-30 degrees Incline

-Range : 40 Km


-5 speed Modes

-Password Protected

-Terrain : Street/Light off-road

-113 Kg recommended payload

-Front and Rear Suspension

-Designed for baskets and trailers

-Reinforced stainless steel handle

-Deck width: 21cm

-Front wheel base : 51cm

-Overall lengh : 101cm

-Weight 23 Kg (without battery)


The CycleBoard ROVER is mighty All-Terrain vehicle equipped with independent front suspension, rear suspension, 25 cm All-Terrain tires, a powerful 1250w silent hub motoring a hinging deck for battery quick swap to eliminate down time for re-charging.On or off-road, you choose your playground, no limits.

Included Features :

-2 Color Options :

      -Carbon Grey/Red

      -GunMetal Grey/Orange

-40 Km/h Top Speed

-40 degrees incline

-Range : 50 to 64 Km depending on battery


-5 Speed Modes

-Password Protected

-All Terrain

-113 Kg recommended payload

-Front and Rear suspension

-Disk Brake

-Deck Widh : 25cm

-Front Wheel base : 60cm

-Board weight : 30 kg

-Lg Lithium ion 60v/15ah Battery

-Range up to 48 Km